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Polkadog Delivery Accessories Puppy Bundle

Puppy Bundle

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Congratulations on your new companion! We here at Polkadog love puppies and are excited to offer an exclusive Puppy Bundle. Each Puppy Bundle features a few of our favorites, all safe for your new puppy to play, chew, and train with!

1 pack of Polkadog Turkey & Cranberry Wonder Nuggets 12oz 

1 pack of Polkadog Chicken Little Training Bits 8oz

1 Mini 6" Lamb Chop Squeaky Dog Toy

1 Earth Animal Salmon 4" No-Hide Chew

1 Pack of EarthBath Hypo-Allergenic Dog Wipes

1 pack of Earth Rated Scented 120 Count Poop Bags

1 pack of WizSmart Premium 14 Count Pee Pads

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