Polkadog Bakery Bone Polkadog Wonder Bone - Limited Edition

Polkadog Wonder Bone - Limited Edition

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An entire Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings packed neatly into an easily chompable, delightfully delicious Polkadog Wonder Bone. Get 'em while they last!

  • great for host/hostess gifts. overpriced, overpowering cabernets are so 2018
  • hand-stuffed at the Polkadog Fish Pier kitchen
  • loaded with a thanksgiving-sized helping of Polkadog’s famous Turkey and Cranberry Wonder Nuggets
  • keeps dogs from counter surfing and ‘nosing through the trash'
  • no need for Aunt Margaret to feed the from the table this Thanksgiving!
  • Throw your dog a Polkadog Wonder Bone and let the merriment begin!
  • antioxidant-rich, East Coast cranberries