Found My Animal Accessories Found My Animal Olive Ombre Cotton Rope Leash

Found My Animal Olive Ombre Cotton Rope Leash

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Give the gift of endless walks with this beautiful hand-crafted leash by Found My Animal! Don't forget the matching collar!

Hand dyed and crafted in Found's studio in New York, their leashes are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull with the ends then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durability. Fixed on the ends are our solid brass lockable carabiners designed to allow additional safety for our rescue pups big and small.

Nothing ages more beautifully than marine-grade rope and solid brass hardware. The individually-numbered, stamped tags on each FOUND leash remind us of the uniqueness of our animal, and allow us to keep track of the number of animals we have helped so far.


Machine washable, line dry

Large - For animals 50-100lbs+, 7ft in length, 12mm thickness

Medium - For animals 12-50lbs, 7ft in length, 8mm thickness

Small - For animals 5-12lbs, 7ft in length, 6mm thickness