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BoxieCat Cat Litter BoxieCat Gently Scented Premium Clumping Clay Litter

BoxieCat Gently Scented Premium Clumping Clay Litter

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Boxiecat Gently Scented Cat Litter is a fast-clumping, mildly scented litter that was developed by a veterinarian to be safe for cat’s sensitive sense of smell. It stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping thanks to the hard flat-top clumps that form instantly on the top of the litter box, rather than soaking to the bottom, so they’re easy to scoop. Because Boxiecat’s clumps don’t break or crumble, it’s easier to keep kitty’s litter box ultra-clean, better smelling and more inviting–it’s like a new bag after every scoop. Proudly made in the USA, this ultra-low dust litter is ideal for households with allergy sufferers.

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