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Updated Hours, Store Pickup & Delivery

Dear Polkadog Customers:
In the torrent of the nonstop anxiety and stress of the last couple weeks, we wanted to take a brief moment to thank you all for your continued support and trust during this unprecedented time in the world.
We remain determined to continue providing you and your pet families all of the essentials you need while keeping customer and employee safety our number one priority.
Based on our classification as an essential business, we wanted to update you on our plan beginning immediately.
Boston area Polkadog Bakery stores:
We are implementing reduced hours and reduced staffing across all of our locations where we are also:

  • Limiting the number of customers in-store at one time

  • Providing sanitizer and gloves for employees and customers

  • Regularly cleaning all counters and registers

  • Encouraging customers to only touch what they’re purchasing

  • Introducing Next Day Store Curbside Pickup

To place your order for Store Pickup, shop your pet’s favorite products on PolkadogDelivery.com and select Next Day Store Pickup + Your Store at Checkout. Once we receive your order and confirm available inventory, we will email or text you when it’s ready for pick-up.*

We will continue to operate our home delivery & shipping service open for shopping 24/7 at PolkadogDelivery.com.*

We started Polkadog almost 20 years ago on a little corner in the South End of Boston with one oven and two employees. Over the years we have grown but we have never forgotten our roots or the goodwill and support of all those people that believed in us and our crazy idea of a dog treat store in Boston. 

Needless to say, we would not have made it out of month one without your trust and willingness to believe in what we were trying to do. Now, almost two decades later, we feel exactly the same. Our family is just larger now, and our thanks even greater.

By choosing to support Polkadog, as well as all the other incredible locally owned small businesses in Boston, each and every one of you allows all of us to continue doing what we love, in a city we love, for people and dogs (and cats!) we love.

Words aren’t adequate to express our gratitude. We are endlessly grateful.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and promos and always feel free to reach out via email or phone with questions or concerns.

Peace. Love. Polka.

Deb & Rob


*We are working very closely with our supply chain and distribution network to keep our inventory as plentiful as possible. If we have any issues fulfilling any part of your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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